The driving principal for this conceptual design for a children’s hospital was to create an environment that would be an “oasis” for patients and families, one that would appeal to both children and adults. For the children, the design creates a colorful, interactive space that would engage a wide array of age groups. Adults would enjoy a spa-like environment with carefully selected materials and natural light that lend a soothing, relaxing feel. The goal, to design a space that alleviates the stress associated with visiting a hospital environment for children, their families, and the community.

AIA Design Award

Location of Project
Los Angeles, California

Square Footage
130,000 square feet

$32 million

As the gateway to the existing medical center, the new Imaging Center required a design in context with a high tech image, yet respectful of the existing Professional Tower. As a design expression, steel tubes form an inclined trellis and tie the building to the grade at the entry.

This 3 level, 130,000 SF facility (65,000 SF new space and 65,000 retrofit) will be a fully computerized, state of the art, filmless imaging facility that consolidates the different imaging modalities in the existing medical center. The facility includes: 5 MRI's (magnetic resonance imaging rooms), 5 cardiovascular ultrasound rooms, 4 CT scanners, 4 R/F rooms, 4 general radiology rooms, 7 ultrasound rooms, 6 mammography rooms, including full support and administrative functions, and a comprehensive department of nuclear medicine The main entry lobby features sloping glass walls that are framed by diagonal steel tube mullions that radiate from an elevated center of the building and cast changing shadows throughout the day.